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Good times s02e09 the gang part 1 video dailymotion. The evans family scratches and survives in their tough south side chicago ghetto. Season 4 episodes this page lists all of the episodes that aired in the fourth season of the cbstv series good times. With esther rolle, john amos, janet dubois, ralph carter. The group consists of craig tucker, token black, clyde donovan, and jimmy valmer. Good times was canceled due to low ratings in december of 1978 and the final episode aired on january 3rd of 1979. Here are the highestranked episodes of new girl according to imdb. Although, norman lear developed the sitcom, the success of the show is accredited to michael evans and eric monte.

Jj is forced into joining the satans knights street gang. Craigs gang also known as craig and those guys is a group of fourth graders led by craig. The sitcom series good times, which originally aired on cbs. Good times debuted on cbs in 1974, as a spinoff of maude. A ranking of every episode of the good place the ringer. The unhappy move, which was part of a twoepisode story arc, that centered around the impending move of the evanss to mississippi that was derailed by the death of james, aired on september 22, 1976. Police have been declaring war on gangs for decades, officials have deployed social workers, teachers and gang specialists in the fight. Micheal wants to get out of the warlords gang he fights his way out when his mom comes and the warlords touches his mom and mom has her son back with a bat for those warlords. Early episodes moved away from stereotypes by presenting strong africanamerican characters with something constructive to say about the issues of the time including watergate, the gas crisis, and inflation. After getting shot by mad dog while trying to save james, jj comes home and makes like he was critically injured even though it was just a flesh wound. May 16, 2018 10 things you might not know about good times. Enjoy oldschool laughs and tears with one of tvs smash sitcoms from the 70s, good times. High quality, fresh, and unique selection of allnatural hamburgers, specialty chicken sandwiches, wild fries, onion rings, and creamy frozen custard.

In 1975, after two taped episodes at the cbs television station in hollywood, good times moved to norman lear production company in metromedia square. May 11, 2017 good times joined a slew of 70s sitcoms, often helmed by norman lear, that aired episodes with material that would probably be frowned upon today. In some episodes of south park, there is a group of 4th graders who are frequently seen together and oftentimes with the boys stan, kyle, cartman. This spinoff of the tv series, maude, centered on the evans family. Two members and the leader of the satans knights arrive at the evans home to escort a scared j. Then in may, the network decided to air the final nine episodes which had already been taped and the good times tv show truly ended. February 8, 1974 the show aired on cbs and lasted until the later part of 1979. One of the treats of good times is the snapshot of 1970s life it provides, and this episode is a great example of the evolving relationship dynamics of the era. Additional members include tweek tweak, jason white, and butters stotch. The sitcom series good times, which originally aired on cbs from february 8, 1974 to august 1, 1979, has 3 episodes, three of which were not shown during the original network run but turned up in the syndication package. May 05, 2020 a guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the tv series good times. That good times episode where mad dog wanted jj to join. Good times first aired in february 1974 as a midseason replacement and went on for six years.

When he is threatened with physical harm if he doesnt participate in the next rumble, he must find a way to get. Though new girl came to an end in 2018, imdb users continue to rate episodes of the series as they watch on streaming platforms. Over the past few years, the phenomenon of youth gangs has spawned its own field of criminologypart social science, part political spectacle. Good times 10 episodes of norman lears 1970s classic. Although amos screen time diminished in season two, this episode reminds viewers. Written as a teleplay by jack elinson, allan manings, series cocreator eric monte and norman paul from an original story written by monte, the episode, which was directed by herbert kenwith, first aired on cbstv, premiering on november 18, 1974. During the first few years of its original 19741979 run, good times served as a platform for discussing social injustice in urban america. When i was a college student, i scheduled classes around syndicated episodes of good times, a 1970s sitcom about the intact african american evans family of five who lived in a housing project on the south side of chicago. Season 2 episodes this is the second season of good times. However, he is a less than active member, especially when it comes to getting involved in the gang s ongoing turf war with the warlords. James wants revenge on the gang leader who wounded j.

Part 2 is the tenth episode of season 2 and the twentythird episode overall. Part 1 is the ninth episode of season 2 and the twentysecond episode overall. Watch good times s02e09 the gang part 1 almightyanthovicelordtousmouv on dailymotion. After getting shot by mad dog while trying to save james, jj comes. However, he is a less than active member, especially when it comes to getting involved in the gangs ongoing turf war with the warlords. Good times the maude spinoff about a black family living in a chicago housing project mined poverty, racism, innercity woes and singleparent homes for humor, with varying degrees of success. In episode 24 of season two, the show released the lunch money ripoff and heads down the path of addressing the topic of spanking kids. That good times episode where mad dog wanted jj to join the war lords. Good times s02e10 the gang part 2 dailymotion video. The kitchen gang is back with a variety of spring remix recipes. However, on the way there they run into james and florida and a scuffle ensues leaving j. Making ends meet never seemed so funny as on good times. That good times episode where mad dog wanted jj to join the.

Developed by norman lear, it followed a tightknit black family as they faced the tragic and comic aspects of life in a poor innercity chicago housing project. This is the list of episodes that aired on good times. Several early episodes focus on the evans familys struggle to make ends meet. Home series good times aired order season 2 episode 10 the gang. Good times was a spinoff of a spinoff that premiered on cbs in february 1974. Now you can share those oldschool laughs and tears all over again in a deluxe threedisc set featuring all 24 original network episodes from the shows second season,digitally remastered on dvd for the first time. The sitcom series good times, which originally aired on cbs from february 8, 1974, to august. Aug 15, 2017 watch good times s02e09 the gang part 1 almightyanthovicelordtousmouv on dailymotion. Contentsshow series overview season 1 1974 main article. Developed by legendary producer norman lear all in the family, the jeffersons, maude, good times centered upon the evans family living in an innercity project in chicago.

Jj is forced to join a gang for protection on the streets, and after putting off helping the satan knights in their fights, he is finally given no other choice than to fight rival gang the warlords. As a result, some of the ratings of the episodes have changed since the original writing of this list. Created by eric monte and mike evans and developed by executive producer norman lear, it was televisions first african american twoparent family sitcom. Watch good times online full episodes all seasons yidio. Good times 10 unforgettable episodes with esther rolle as. However, on a more serious note, james threatens physical violence on mad dog for shooting his oldest son. Good times is an american sitcom television series that aired for six seasons on cbs, from february 8, 1974, to august 1, 1979.

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